Dance to Trance Mini Festival Phase 2/3 Ticket

Fri 19th-Sun 21st July @ Bexhill on Sea.East Sussex

Ahimsa productions present Dance to Trance an Outdoor and Indoor event on 19th July - 21st July 2019 @ Bexhill on Sea 19th to 21st July 2019
Country location close to Normans Bay.Exact location will be emailed when it is published nearer the time
Advance Tickets only

Line Up:

DJ Tsuyoshi, Japan (Matsuri Records)
Mike Maguire, UK
Deano Psaras (Liquid records) UK
James Munro (Flying Rhino) UK
Graham Wood UK
Dominic Lamb (Slinky wizard/ Flying Rhino) UK
Youth (Dragon Fly) UK
Jhothi Sidhu

Separate chill out area with DJs

Chill DJ Lee Lee (The Clapham Collective)
Sharin in Chill and collective
Mikey P and live artists.
More to follow

Deco: Ahimsa productions and JQ

Limited Tickets
This is a private event limited to 300. No tickets sold on the gate.
Phase 1-30 + 3 Booking fee *Sold out*
Phase 2-40+ Booking fee *Sold out*
Phase 3-50 + Booking fee *Online Now Limited*
Free parking and Camping.

Dance to Trance Mini Festival Phase 2/3 Ticket
Electronic ticket 
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