Anthropos Retreat (Weekend Only)

Anthropos Retreat  (Weekend Only)

7th-9th June 12019 @ Central England United Kingdom

Anthropos Retreat 7-9th June 2019
Growing, exploring and creating together

For creatives and explorers providing a solid base in a broad range of areas, as well as involvement with projects happening on the festival site, this retreat programme is designed for gaining skills and practical knowledge as well as experiencing a mindfulness retreat.

Anthropos Retreat is a forward-looking and deeply engaging educational experience in the days leading up to Anthropos Festival.

Get creative and shape the way the festival itself will be.

Your investment will include instruction, workshops, camping and all meals from our wholesome vegan kitchen during the retreat.

Experts, Facilitators and Teachers joining us so far:

Music Producers:
Steve Young: Hedflux
Or Ron Stern: Symbolico
Adam Goodlet: Re:Creation, Oversoul
Rory Gordziejko: Kwah, Tea Tree, Alterra Project

Lucid Dreaming:
Daniel Love - The Lucid Guide

Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Gong:
James Waters ( Shifu Waters & W Yǐng Qun )

Dr. Gareth Burr

( many more TBA)

Six-day Retreat 7-12th June: 500 + BF

Weekend Retreat 7-9th June: 250 + BF

Six-day Retreat + Festival 7-18th June: Early Bird 530 + BF (later phases: 540 + BF, 550 + BF, 560 + BF)

Anthropos Retreat (Weekend Only)
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